SUSTAINABILITY - Conscious consumption


Our garments are made with natural fabrics such as lyocell, cupro, linen, cotton, modal and wool blend to ensure you with high-quality as well as a comfortable fit.

Sustainable materials: cotton, linen, Lyocell, wool

Conscious consumption

Conscious consuming is more relevant than ever, so you can wear our garments as long as you wish, because of its high-quality and long-lasting materials. 

Easy to wear

Oversized mix-and-match tailoring enhances the figure creating comfortable, everyday looks.

Easy to combine colors

Nudes and muted tones are the core of our collection making it easy to combine and wear all year round. We add a pop of color to bring you that unexpected twist.  

Luxury minimalism

Combination of simple desings, rich colors and the finest fabrics.



Work ethic

80% of the products are manufactured in Europe. Our suppliers exclusively work with vendors who share the same passion, values and ethical standards in terms of doing business. All our high-quality knit fabrics are produced in Italy and all our jersey materials in Portugal.  We build sustainable relationships based on mutual respect and trust.  

Sustainability, work ethic, simplicity and high-quality in every detail are key elements we are focusing in order to build a timeless company.