About us

Hello and welcome to Suluu Online store!

My name is Asel and I am originally from Central Asia - Kyrgyzstan.

Why did I found Suluu?


Through my longstanding passion for fashion as a model and stylist I have gained the experience that many women and I (no exception) have some problems with the right choice of clothes.

Here are the three most common of these:

You stand in front of your wardrobe in the morning and don't know what to wear?

You go to a shop and you have a huge selection, after a few hours of browsing you go home without shopping and with a headache.

You order clothes online, the quality is not right and/or it doesn't fit you because it looked completely different on the photo.

Then I wished that there was a shop like this that could solve all these problems.

Foundation of Suluu

As a stylist and also as a woman, I wish every woman to underline her personality with the right and specific choice of clothes. From spontaneous purchase of the tenth unnecessary blouse renounce and proceed with conscious and thoughtful concept to basic wardrobe construction.

Thus, in 2019, the idea was born to create an online boutique offering monochrome, minimalist, simple and elegant garments made of high-quality materials. In addition to the motto "less is more", the stylists offer  suggestions for combination, so that from wardrobe with 10 pieces of clothing 30 outfits can be made together.

The clothing preselection and the quality check is done in advance by myself and the professional stylists and the customers can rely on our preselection. Suluu defines quality as high-quality finished fabrics and materials, as well as fashion, fit and wearing comfort.

From May 2020 my webshop www.suluu.store is available. If required, I can also help you as a stylist to choose a suitable outfit or even to set up your basic wardrobe from "zero".
I am looking forward to our meeting :) 
Best regards