How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe: Closet Essentials - 2021

How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe: 10 Closet Essentials - 2021Another capsule wardrobe creation from SULUU for the SPRING / SUMMER 2021!

I’ve noticed that I really enjoyed making these types of collages and they are the most popular. 

❗ A capsule is 8-12 items that perfectly match each other in all combinations.

Example: We get 20-50 visually different looks out of 10 

You can wear "the same" for a month and nobody will notice it😉 But of course, you have to be really good at combinations:)

Imagine how convenient it is: you think through everything once and then spend no more than 5 minutes a day to get ready. No need to think about what to wear, you can just choose from the combinations that you have already created and saved on your phone.
This solution is easier (than when you have to dig in the closet and suffer, trying to combine the incompatible) and does not overload the brain, does not irritate you and allows you to get ready in 5-10 minutes maximum and look at 100%.

I'll attach my capsule suggestion for this Spring as an example above. 

In Suluu collection you'll find several variations of p
leated skirts.

Here are some stylist suggestions on body types and it's shaping with clothing items. 

Pleated skirts visually extend the height, but do not always slim down.

I explain and tell you how to do it right:

✔️The vertical lines, of which there are many in a pleated skirt, are great for elongating height. But if the pleats are too voluminous such a skirt can even make you look wider.
✔️To correct broad shoulders you should wear V-shaped and U-shaped neckline. Boat neckline will make wide shoulders look even wider.
✔️ Horizontal prints make you look shorter and a little bit fuller.

Shop This Capsule Wardrobe

1. Green melange skirt 

2. Off white pullover with puffy arms 

3. V-neck top 

4. Lyocell Shirt in white  

5. Beige pants

6. Sweater in melange green 


Bracelet gold


Sensitivity gold ring

Statement ring


Chain earrings

Gold earrings

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