CLOSET RULES - Buy less, choose better

CLOSET RULES - Buy less, choose better

Plisse skirt - €89,95  Similar in green melange  White shirt €99,95Off-white top 3/4 - €79,95T-shirt in dark grey - €69,95Chain earringsGold earrings


"You don't have a lot of clothes, but they're so great, how do you assemble your closet?" this was the best compliment I've heard regarding my closet. 

Most of women think that they don't have enough clothes and always nothing to wear. (It was my problem previously as well) Until we realize that half of our apartment is occupied by cupboards and a dressing room. But the tendency of nowadays is going into concious purchasing behavier, buying less and favoring more high quality items and accessories and its functionality.

Take this into consideration before purchasing the new items in your wardrobe:

  • Do you really need this clothing item? It's better to think about it longer. Don't buy impulsive. Mostly you'll wear impulsive purchase once or even never. 
  • The high quality basics is our everything. Don't be stingy here, it will pay you off once you'll realize that you wearing this item several seasons and it's still your favourite. On average we have 60-70% basics in our wardrobe. 
  • I love items which you can actually wear both as chic and smart casual style. Just changing several accessoires - et voilà you've changed the style!
  • Choose the color carefully. With basic colors, nudes it is difficult to choose wrong, but with colorful and printed items you should choose carefully. Best if you choose it as an accent item to complete your look. 
  • Sale is a really good motivator to buy an item, but don't buy the piece only because it's on sale. 


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