Closet essentials spring / summer 2021


SULUU closet essentials, capsule wardrobe spring/summer 2021

Top 69,95€Pants 99,95€Bag 169€Bag 85€Accessoires 


The "just right" items that look simple and elegant at the same time, subtle and not flashy, modern, but not a trendy must-have. And the main rule is that this items go with everything. Perfect performers in any closet. How do you recognize them?

The right top.
1-2 cm loose fit, soft fabric, straight not tight. Ideal option - Beige top made of viscose and silk mix from SIMPLE.

viscose top

The right pants.
Straight, without any irrelevant details. Medium to high rise fit, length down to the bone or a bit higher. 

beige pants soft silk

The right shade of gold in jewelry.
Light gold, choose color similar to 585 gold.

The right Handbag.
No chains, no stitching, no logo, no glitter. High-quality leather. Modern concise form. The strap is leather, not a chain. For Handbag further details and pre-order please contact us. 

The right sneakers.
White or milky, smooth leather, monochrome, with no labels, the height of the sole 2-2,5 cm.




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